Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lovely letter of thanks from my Tuscany Villa window client

From a happy client ...

"Yesterday, late afternoon, Eric and Tom installed the window and it was instantly 'home.' Well, well, well... I cannot say enough! Absolutely beautiful! Beyond even the great expectations!

"Kathy, your efforts and dedication are immediately evident ... in all the glass choices of color, texture along with arrangement of pieces that have resulted in such a beautiful work of art.

"Our window now makes a dramatic entrance with views from almost every room on the 1st fl main living areas, as well as the first view coming from the 2nd fl... Good Morning!

"We are back traveling the roads, making our way from Rome to Florence to Venice and then again from Bologna back into Tuscany, heading for its seaside coast.

"We will now forever have our Tuscany vistas in glass, a perfect composition which appears to change with times of day & night. Our window will be alive with changing light, weather, and seasons.

"Thanks for helping make a 20+year plan realized! Absolutely beautiful! Love it and Love you for all your detailed decision making, long hours, and painstaking work!"

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