Friday, March 25, 2011

Water Lily window completed

Only three weeks after meeting with our customer, the Water Lily stained glass window is done!  It's 16" high by 28-3/4" wide and a real beauty.  My husband custom cut the zinc channel for the frame, which I soldered and joined to the lead lines at the back of the window for a neat, solid look.

One characteristic of stained glass is that it will look different under different lighting conditions.  The photo below (click to enlarge) shows off the textures of the different glass that my customer and I chose, in order to customize this window, including opals, waterglass, wispies, and rough rolled.

And here it is with natural light illuminating it from the front and back.
The solder and zinc channel frame (with hanging hooks) were waxed to maintain their silver color.  My customer made a great choice to do so .. It looks wonderful with the water!

To make it official, I etched my name and the date into a piece of light blue waterglass, near the bottom left.  It is unobtrusive and can't really be seen unless you look for it.
Thank you, Samantha and Paul! It was a pleasure creating your custom window to your specifications.  I know you will enjoy it for many years to come!

If you have an idea for a stained glass window for your home, or you have a cracked window in need of a repair, give me a call at 201-600-1616 and we'll get started.

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  1. Gorgeous water lily! I really like the juxtaposition of different glass types you used. I also like the silver patina, it softens the piece. The funny thing, my husband is a hobbyist wood worker and he cuts the zinc frames for me as well and now we're talking of collaborating in a nicely framed piece for my glasswork.