Friday, April 29, 2011

Stained glass birds underway

The Cardinal has been foiled, the Blue Jay is started and the Nuthatch will be up next.  I've decided to position the Nuthatch in the upper right corner of the window.  Therefore, I ran the design through software and flipped it to face the opposite direction.  Here they are ... (Click photo to enlarge, back arrow to return).
I'm doing these production-line style.  Here is the beautiful etched leaf glass used in the background.  Its called Clear Textured Autumn and its available here, from Delphi Art Glass Supplies.  Its thick glass and a bear to cut but it will be worth the effort.

Next up is fluxing, soldering, framing and installing.  Photo update on the way.  After these three are installed, I plan to work on the Chickadee and Goldfinch. Stay tuned. 

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