Monday, January 2, 2012

Entryway window installed

This past Friday morning the 30th, my husband Eric installed the window in the door of the Tudor home.  What a beauty this one is, small and very charming.  It adds lots of character to the door and to their home. Here's the installation. (Click on any photo for a closer look).
Eric has removed the old window and is scraping the old putty off the frame.

Here, he's checking the frame for fit.

Instead of putty which gets brittle over time, Eric is using clear silicone window caulk to secure the window.  Here he's applying it to the frame's interior.
More caulk is added after the new window is in place.  Notice the blue tape which was positioned to prevent it from shifting.

Eric tightening the screws to secure the window, as seen from the inside of the home.

What a beauty!  Here it is as seen from the inside of the home with the sunlight behind it.  Now you can see the beautiful colors and textures that the homeowner and I chose together. Its a mix of glue chip (clear outer), rough rolled (blue, purple and yellow), artique (clear inner), wispy (pink) and clear cathedral (red).

Now their home is truly their own, with a distinctive entryway window that they chose themselves, from the design itself to the color and texture of glass.
This was a wonderful little project .. Thank you Cyndi and Dan .. You were a joy to work with!

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