Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chipmunk Stained Glass soldered and framed

Well, except for waxing and the addition of the personalized decal (font and wording still to be decided), the chipmunk is done!  Here are the final steps ..
I applied liquid flux to the copper foil, tack-soldered the pieces, and then removed the metal fence ("jig") and slid out the paper pattern ("cartoon"). Using a Dremel etching tool, I signed my name and the date unobtrusively in the lower right corner.

I soldered it, front and back, then brought it to the sink and gently scrubbed it using powdered cleanser and a dish brush.  After it dried, I applied black patina to the solder.  Then, my husband Eric cut the metal frame (or "channel") and I soldered that securely to the panel which fits perfectly into a display stand.

The next steps are for my customer to choose the personalization he prefers, and then Eric will transfer it to a clear decal and apply it to the scroll.  The "big reveal" of this lovely housewarming gift in its display stand is coming soon .. Stay tuned.

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