Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A surprise gift of glass and some instruction, too

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a former stained glass artisan who chose me as the happy recipient of his inventory of glass.  This kind gentleman just came out of the blue with a station wagon full of wonderful, old glass in the most incredible colors and textures!

He gifted me with several vintage shoe boxes full of smaller glass pieces, as well as a larger box of pieces in every color imaginable, plus a large sheet of clear window glass, a large sheet of opalescent lamp glass, and several other large sheets in delicious shades of red, midnight blue, and ginger ale .. That's the only way I can describe the color of that antique, bubbled sheet.  He also gifted me with several feet of lead came.

As we unloaded the goodies, he mentioned that he had taught a few students how to do stained glass using lead came instead of copper foil.  I was all ears!  For the past year or so, I've been wanting to work with lead came but wasn't quite sure where to begin.  And here, today, at my doorstep, was someone offering to teach me!  He demonstrated the technique, answered my questions, and gave me a lot of encouragement and ideas.

In the past, I've been referring lead came clients elsewhere but as my business grows I am eager to offer repairs and custom work for lead came clients as well.  Stay tuned.

My next project is to repair a beautiful lamp which sustained 14 cracked or broken pieces. I began assessing the damage this afternoon and will start the process of repairing it tomorrow.  Check back as I start working on this beauty.

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