Monday, November 19, 2012

Geometric beveled stained glass window - Glass cut

As of today, all the glass for the window has been cut.  We're getting closer to how the window will look when its all done.  Here are some photos of the process .. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Here's how to cut the inner curves on the yellow wispy glass.  These cuts must be done in small bits at a time to avoid snapping the ends of the glass. Notice how I've scored concentric curves.  The tool in the background is my rusty, old, faithful grozier pliers.  I use them to carefully snap off these chunks, getting closer to the center of the curve each time.

For straight line cuts, its always best to lean the cutter against an old, flat ruler as shown.
 Another good idea is to sweep up any stray bits of glass after each cut.  Even small pieces trapped under a larger piece can cause it to crack.  Remember, "the glass is the boss".
 And here is the window with all the glass cut.  My customer chose a wonderful palette of colors!  Notice that the window is still fenced in with the metal jig.
 Here's a side view showing one of the dimensional side bevels.  Beautiful!
 And here's another view showing the textures of the rough rolled clear glass, the wispy yellow and the dimensional bevels.
The next step to follow will be the application of copper foil to each piece of glass.  Stay tuned ..

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