Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Panel with Bevel Clusters and Blue Gems - Installed

Over the weekend, Eric installed the panel with the bevels and blue gems.  A wonderful asset of stained glass panels is that even when they are newly made, they already look old.  This one is no exception.  Once it was in place, it looked like it had been there for many years already.  Click on any photo to enlarge.  Here's the installation ..

Eric is installed primed quarter round molding to the front side of where the panel will be installed.  Thisi panel is high on the wall and Eric is on a step ladder.

Here's he's making adjustments to be sure the corners are at the correct angle and the molding is secured.  He's using nails on this side of the molding and screws on the opposite side.  This way, the homeowners can readily remove the panel should they move or wish to place it elsewhere in their home. Notice the top of the back door to the left for perspective on the placement of the opening.

Eric cuts all the molding on site with our compound radial arm saw.  Here he is in our customers'  backyard, cutting another piece for installation.

And here is the installed panel, as seen from the kitchen side.
 And here's the view from the powder room side.  You'll notice the beveled mirror on the right hand wall.  This was my inspiration for choosing the bevel clusters used in the panel.  The overall design was a good compliment to the shape of the mirror.

 Thanks so much, Geoff and Roberta!  We know this panel was a long time coming for you, and we're so pleased that you called it "spectacular".  Your compliments means so much to us.  May you enjoy your new stained glass for many years to come!

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