Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rug Design in Stained Glass - 3rd and 4th panes of glass cut

In the previous posting, I had just completed cutting the glass for the first two of six panes.  This posting will continue with the cutting of the glass for the next two .. the middle section of the window.  (Click on any photo to enlarge).

Shown below are the five junk mail envelopes where I keep each group of pattern pieces, marked on the outside by the panel (which I've labeled A, B, C, D, E, and F) and the color .. Wispy, Artique background, Red, Green, Dark Brown, and Dark/Light Amber for the mullion patterns.
 Below are the stained glass pattern shears, a few of the patterns, and bits of thin manila folder paper which the scissors cut out.  As mentioned earlier, that small space will be taken up by the copper foil.

Here's an example of a complicated cut which was made by my Omni Gryphon Wire Saw.  It gives an idea of the thickness of the wire blade and the accuracy.  I'm able to cut directly on top of the line made by the silver Sharpie.  Note that I've stopped the saw about an inch from the border of the glass.  I've scored that space with my pistol grip cutter and will snap it off using the blue running pliers.  The machine is very powerful.  Sometimes if its allowed to cut to the edge of the glass, it will buck and snap the piece.
 And here's a batch of Wispy Amber glass laid on the pattern, ready to be outlined with a Sharpie pen.  Note that I've jigsawed them together, leaving a bit of space in between.  Most of these pieces will be started with machine cutting, then trimmed by hand.
 Rather than push the large piece of glass through the electric saw, I cut them off in a group by scoring a straight line across the border of the outermost pieces.  Here I'm using an oil-filled pistol grip cutter which is leaned against an old ruler.  This way a straight line is assured and the running pliers will do a more reliable job of giving me a straight cut.
 Below, the green, red, and wispy glass has been cut.  Each piece is placed onto its proper spot on the pattern.
 Now I'm starting the background pieces which are made with medium amber Artique glass.  I'm starting with two pieces that have straight sides.  I scored them on their straight side and am now tapping that line with the brass end of the cutter.  If you look closely, you'll see that the glass has begun to separate.  In most cases, cathedral glass such as this will separate on its own without even having to use the running pliers.
 At this point, all the glass has been cut and trimmed for the third pane, which I've labeled "C" on the outside of the pattern.  I've also labeled each envelope of colored pieces with a "C' to distinguish it from the others.  I'm using the stained glass pattern shears to cut the pieces for the fourth pane.
 I followed a similar process for the first three panes and have now completed cutting all the glass for the fourth pane, shown below.  So, at this point I've cut around 280 pieces of glass and have around 190 more to cut.

Here's another view  of the window which shows all the glass cut for four of the six panes.  The next posting will cover the completion of glass cutting for the fifth and final panes. These panes were designed from the same rug but are a different pattern.  Stay tuned .. I'll be back soon.

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