Friday, March 28, 2014

Pendant Lamp Repair #2

This is the second identical pendant lamp to come in for repair.  Its very small and lightweight but as mentioned in an earlier post, the top part of any lamp is generally the weakest point.  Even on a small lamp such as this, it can detach.  (Click on any image to enlarge) ..

Here is the lamp with the hanger detached.  

In this view, you may be able to see that about half of the wire circle is missing.

The first step is to add new copper foil around the perimeter of the opening.
 For this lamp, I decided to make small "clips" out of flat braided reinforcement wire.  Here I'm "tinning" or adding flux and then a small bit of solder to each segment.  This will enable the "clips" to adhere to the foil as soon as the hot soldering iron touches them.

Shown below are the "clips" surrounding the edge of the perimeter.  I attached them in such a way as to "nail down" the wire ring.  I added more wire to replace the missing half of the ring, also.

"Clips" can be seen from the inside of the pendant.  I added some thin copper foil to the outside of the pendant, to fill in the missing solder line shown in the above photo.  Then I soldered all the new foil and the "clips", inside and outside the pendant.
 Below, I'm applying black patina to the solder.  I'm taking the patina from the bottle cap so as not to contaminate the bottle.  The patina reacts instantly with the solder.  After its allowed to set, I washed it off.
 And here's the repaired pendant, repaired and ready to be installed back into the kitchen.  Thank you Camilo, for bringing the pendant to me for repair (and for making your wife happy in the process!).

To see the other pendant lamp of this type being repaired, please click here. 

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