Monday, June 30, 2014

Shipping a Stained Glass Window

If you don't live in New Jersey but would like Boehm Stained Glass Studio to custom-make a window or panel for you, its no problem.  We can easily work long distance.  By the easy exchange of occasional emails and a telephone conversation or two, we can collaborate long distance to create, and ship, a stained glass window to your own specifications.

For example, below are photos showing the shipping of the 26" x 20" custom-designed stained glass window which we sent from northern New Jersey to Omaha, Nebraska.  It arrived in excellent condition.  Here's how we pack, crate and ship a window.

Here is my husband Eric, building a custom-made box of pine and plywood.  He's making it several inches larger on each side to allow for packing materials.

 Here he's fitting the sides of the shipping crate.

Now the custom stained glass window is in the shipping crate, resting on top of a slab of 3/4" styrofoam.

The inside of the crate is lined with more styrofoam and another slab is fitted to the top so that the window is secure. (I added a personal note to my customer as well as two complimentary Boehm Stained Glass Studio pens).

Eric has screwed on the lid of the shipping crate and is now sanding the edges for a smooth finish and a nice presentation.  We affixed a note to the top so that the customer will know which side is "up" when it arrives.

We placed the custom wood crate inside a larger box and surrounded it with a few bags of packing peanuts.  This ensures that any bumps along the way will not travel through to the glass.  For extra security, we glue several stickers to the box "Fragile-Glass", "Glass-Handle with Care", and "Top Load Only".

UPS and FedEx cannot insure "one of a kind" items.  So we did not insure this shipment.  This is another reason to be sure that the window is well packed.  We shipped the window from northern New Jersey on Monday and it arrived, safe and sound, in Omaha that Thursday afternoon. To read about the design and construction of this Mountain Bluebird-themed custom stained glass window, please click here.

Soon after its arrival, I received this lovely note from my customer:

I wish you could see it here.  It is the centerpiece of the kitchen and is so beautiful.  I will take a picture and send it to you when we get it in.  Thank you so much for doing this for us.  We love how it has made our kitchen so special.
Thank you again - it has been a pleasure working with you.


Please visit my website to see my custom windows and repairs (click here).  And if you are on FaceBook, become a fan and I'll keep you up to date on all my stained glass projects.  Call me any time at 201-600-1616 or email with your questions. Thanks!

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