Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pet Portraits in Stained Glass

What a great way to honor or memorialize a much-loved pet.  We are now offering Pet Portraits in Stained Glass.  Just email me a few clear, good-contrast photos of your cat, dog, horse, bird or other pet.  For a nominal fee, I'll prepare a full-color computer rendition of your pet for your approval.  I'll also make recommendations for color and texture of glass, depending on your preferences. The computer renditions are a very close approximation of what the finished pet portrait will look like.  Let's get started!  Remember also that we are happy to work long distance through email and the phone.  Thanks!

Please visit my website to see my custom windows and repairs (click here).  And if you are on FaceBook, become a fan and I'll keep you up to date on all my stained glass projects.  Call me any time at 201-600-1616 or email me with your questions. Thanks!

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