Monday, May 18, 2015

Colorful Geometric Lamp Repair

This gorgeous lamp fell victim to my customer's little boy who accidentally bumped it over.  It sustained a few cracked pieces, three of which I was asked to replace.  This lamp is Chinese, though, and an exact match is not available here in the United States.  Fortunately, I had a piece in inventory which matched the transparency and the colors, so we decided to go ahead with the repair.  (Click on any photo to enlarge).

Here's a close up of Chinese glass which is not carried by any U.S. manufacturers. 

A view of the three pieces needing replacement.  The blue rectangle on the right has a major crack.
 My first step is to pull off the old solder and copper foil using needle-nose pliers.  Then I melt off whatever is remaining, using a soldering iron as shown.
 Then I use a piece of manila folder, hold it behind the opening and create a pattern for the exact-size replacement glass.

I used the pattern to trace the glass and then cut it using a pistol grip glass cutter.

Here I've applied adhesive copper foil to the borders of the opening.  I'm applying copper foil to the replacement glass.  

Soldering the piece in place.  Notice the blue painter's tape behind it, to hold the glass in the correct position.

Here's the new piece of glass, soldered in place.

Here I'm applying liquid black patina which reacts instantly with the solder.  Following the application of the patina, the lamp gets cleaned and then waxed.

 And here's the lamp, repaired and ready for many more years of enjoyment by the family.

And here it is, in its full glory, illuminated from below by a large light box.  Thank you Dan and Cara for finding me!  It was a pleasure repairing this for you.
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