Thursday, August 20, 2015

Creating an Ornament from a Stained Glass Rondel

The previous post showed the design and creation of a small window inside a front door.  The original window had a small clear glass Star of David rondel at the center.  As a small token of thanks, I offered to make the rondel into an ornament for my customers.  Here are the steps ..

Here's the original leaded glass window.  I used needle-nose pliers to pull away the old lead came from the rondel as shown.  I then gave it it a good cleaning.

Then I added 7/32" copper foil to the outer edge.  On top of that, I laid some fine gauge wire and taped it in place.  To make the hanging hook, I looped the wire twice around the barrel of a metal acid brush.

Holding the rondel carefully, I added solder to the edge, trapping both lengths of wire on top of the  foil.  I added more at the base of the loop, for strength.

 After the soldering was smoothed out, I cleaned it thoroughly and let it dry.  Then I brushed on Novacan Black Patina as shown.  After the patina set, I washed it again, let it dry, and applied Clarity Stained Glass Finishing Compound to protect the patina and to shine up the glass.

And here it is, a short time later.  A re-purposed little gem to enjoy rather than discard.
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  1. Beautiful! Ornaments are fun and fairly simple projects that can end up being gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this!