Friday, May 20, 2016

Stained Glass Spider Plant Repair

The internet is up in our new digs, so we are back! I have several projects which I'll be posting .. Stay tuned for more lamp repairs, a custom window and a presentation to a local grammar school.

For today, a little stained glass spider plant needed some attention after falling apart.

Here I'm cleaning off all the parts, to enable good bonds with the solder.

I added fresh copper foil to the parts which needed it. Here I'm using a "fid" to burnish the foil onto the glass.

I've added a drop of solder to the end of the small leaf, and a drop of solder to the center of the other four. Once I apply the hot soldering iron, they will instantly bond.

This little tool on the left is often referred to as an "extra hand". I'm using the clip to hold the newly refurbished leaf in place so that I can accurately solder it.

After repeating these steps a few times, now the little spider plant is looking new again.

For more projects, please visit my blog: Thank you! (Stay tuned ..)

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