Monday, July 18, 2016

Art Deco Lamp Repair

This small lamp had cracks in two panels at the border, beneath decorative metal plates.  In order to repair it, I went in from the inside and removed and then replaced the cracked pieces.  Here's the process:

Notice the iridescent glass on this lamp, very pretty. 

The cracks can be seen best from the inside of the dome.  These two panels marked with blue tape required replacement.

I began by tapping on the cracked glass with the back of a glass cutter.  Then I removed the pieces of glass with needle nose pliers.

Next I pulled off the old copper foil and solder.

This is a Quoitzel brand lamp. Some of the older lamps made by this company are solid and well made.  This one, however is a newer lamp which was made in China.  The materials used to construct the lamp are somewhat suspect, and not of the quality of a true, soldered stained glass lamp.  To read more, please click this link ..  
Protective gear is mandatory on Chinese lamps such as these, simply because it is not possible to identify the black substance between the glass.  Here is my breathing mask, worn throughout the soldering process.

After I removed the cracked piece of glass, I cut a new one in the same type of glass.  Then I ground the edges as shown.

I applied new copper foil to the borders.  Here I'm pressing the foil onto the glass using a "fid".

After I placed the glass, I soldered it in place.

For added security, I added solder to the front of the piece as well.

Then I removed the adjacent cracked panel as shown.

The view through the "grating" or decorative border, with the glass removed.

Now both inside pieces that were cracked have been replaced.

And here is the finished lamp.  Thank you so much Sandhya, for stopping in with your two lamps from CT on your way to PA.  It was a pleasure meeting you! (Click here to see the repair of the second lamp).

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