Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stained Glass Fruit Sun Catchers

After all these years of working with stained glass, I finally made my first sun catchers.  These are usually early projects for many artists.  I made them at the request of a friend, as a gift for her 50th birthday.  She found the designs online and I modified them slightly.  Here's how I went about making them.

Here are the lemon, lime, orange and pumpkin with the glass cut.

Applying copper foil to the edges of each piece of glass.

Applying liquid flux to the foil.  Note that I've taped the pieces together to prevent them from shifting.

Another view of the taped fruit.

I made circular hanging hooks for each piece, by wrapping 20 gauge wire around a metal acid brush.  Then I cut the wire and soldered it onto the top of each fruit.  For this project, I used un-leaded solder. Suction cups are not recommended for hanging sun catchers.  A better choice are the Command brand hooks which are specifically made to attach to a glass window. I included a set of these hooks with the gift.

 And here they are!  I'll be adding curly wires to the pumpkin, for more realism.  She loved them!
Coming up next .. Either a lamp repair or a recent custom window .. Stay tuned ..

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