Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright Style Lamp Repair

This beautiful lamp may look familiar.  I repaired it once before, in late August of 2013 when it accidentally fell.  It took another tumble recently and its owner called me back again.  I was pleased to be able to again restore it as new.  To see the first time it was repaired, click here.  Otherwise, here's the process for the second time around ..

This time, the lamp took a far worse hit and sustained much more damaged.  Three sides sustained several cracks each.  Here's one side ..

And a view from the top.

And another view showing a smashed corner.

I decided to start on the corner, since this is an anchor point and would strengthen the lamp right away.  I've already made a template of the space and I've traced three new corner pieces.

Now I'm grinding the edges of one of the pieces.

Here's a spot where I'll be adding a new corner.  I've cleaned off the old solder and foil.  I've added new foil to the border.

Here is one of the three corners, in place and ready for application of liquid flux, followed by soldering.

Moving along to the side, I've made a paper pattern for this cracked piece.

Here's a view of the new corner piece in place surrounded by cracked pieces.

Another view, this time showing the replacement of one of the thin bottom pieces on the left side. The right side is ready for replacement.

Another view of glass that is ready for soldering with many remaining cracked ones.

Now this side is repaired and is awaiting the application of black patina, followed by a thorough cleaning, and application of stained glass finishing compound.

Another side, fully repaired.

Now all the repairs have been completed and the lamp has been thoroughly cleaned of all the liquid flux. Now I'm applying black patina to all of the silver soldered areas.  It instantly turns the solder black.  It is also thoroughly cleaned off, then allowed to dry.  The final step is the application, drying and buffing of the stained glass finishing compound.

And here's the lamp, fully repaired ..

Another side, good as new again ..

View from above.

View from above, on the light box, showing all the beautiful colors.
Thank you again, Ralph, for bringing your beautiful lamp back to me and letting me know its in in good hands!  I appreciated that.  May you enjoy it for years to come, with no more mishaps.  
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