Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stained glass kitchen cabinet panel

At the craft show last weekend, we met a wonderful new customer who has asked me to re-create a panel for her kitchen cabinet.  She has a lovely set of leaf-pattern panels on two facing doors, but on the other side of the kitchen there's a mismatched, slightly wider window with an amber glass insert.

With any repair or re-creation of a stained glass piece, the first step is always to get a good match for the existing glass.  (Click here to see an example of well-matched glass in a repair).  I brought the panel to my glass supplier who identified it as Youghiogheny glass which is not only costly, but hard to find.  Her distributor would have required a far larger order than I needed, and it was outside the budget.

But I got lucky.  She had a lovely frosted glass which is identical to the opacity of the Youghiogheny.  And I found a beautiful Lambert hand blown green which is the exact shade and opacity of the existing green.  Here is the stained glass panel I'll be re-creating, and samples of the glass I'll be using.
Since the new panel needs to be 1" wider than the existing, my next step will be to trace the existing panel and enlarge it. In order to keep the leaves the same size on the new panel, I'll duplicate the existing design and add 1/2" to each side.

After my photo shoot in the morning (see photo blog), I'll be back with photos of the tracing process, and of the panel which is being replaced.  Stay tuned, this is going to be a beauty!

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  1. Do you know what that amber glass is called. I have a client that needs to repair some

  2. Dear "LITS", Sorry I don't know the mfr or name of the amber glass .. I don't believe its made any longer. I would suggest you Google a description of it and perhaps a source will turn up. Best of luck!