Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stained glass kitchen cabinet panel glass cut

More progress.  All of the glass is now cut for the kitchen cabinet panel. Notice that the glass is contained within a metal jig or "fence" which is firmly pinned to the homasote board.  The jig serves to keep the edges straight and will remain in place until the glass pieces are tack soldered.
This glass was a joy to work with!  Both the frosted clear and the Lambert hand blown green were very "agreeable" to cut by hand which is always a pleasant bonus. (Click to enlarge photos).

Tip:  When cutting many thin pieces, such as these leaves, it always best to line them up side by side and then cut a wider piece off.  It will give better results in the long run and there will be less chance of the glass cracking in the wrong place.  Leave a little "breathing room" between each pattern so you can make a pretty straight cut between each leaf.  Then you can go back in and trim them to size.  Cutting thin pieces like these requires a bit of finesse .. Starting off this way makes life a little easier.
Next step:  Adding adhesive copper foil to each piece of glass.  Another update to be posted soon!

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