Saturday, December 17, 2011

Entryway window for Tudor home

After shooting several recent photography gigs (click here for blog), I'm happy to back in my stained glass studio, designing, making patterns, and cutting glass.

My current project is a 13" wide diagonal window for the front door of a Tudor home.  It is a replacement for the existing window which is the initial of the surname of the previous family.  Here it is .. (Click on any photo to enlarge).

My customer was in need of inspiration for a new design, so I suggested she look around her home to see if there was anything that caught her eye.  Yes .. There is a beautiful stained glass light fixture in the kitchen which she and her husband both liked.  We decided to go with it.
After two meetings, we worked together to choose the glass, which will be primarily cathedral (clear) glass. This glass will provide privacy for their front foyer but will also enable them to see who is at the door.  Below is the design. 
We chose a mix of clear glue chip, clear artique, and blue, grape, and yellow rough rolled glass, all of which will work together for a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind window.
I then prepared the pattern .. See below.  My husband Eric took the measurements of the existing window and made a paper template on which he traced the design.  Using carbon paper, I then traced the design onto a manila folder.  (See below)
Note those 1-inch wide blue "eyes", actually flat marbles. The search is on for red ones in the same size.
I then cut each pattern piece using double-bladed pattern shears which give some "breathing room" between each piece, as shown.  This will accommodate the copper foil and reinforcement tape which will follow.

Next, each pattern piece will be traced onto the glass using a black marker.  All of the glass for this project will be cut by hand.  Stay tuned for the next update showing the glass cut. 

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