Friday, December 23, 2011

Entryway window glass foiled

The next step for the window in the entryway door has been completed.  Black-backed copper foil has been applied to the outer edge of each piece of glass.  Black-backed foil was used on this window because the cathedral glass is somewhat transparent and the inside of the foil may show through the glass.  Since we will be patina-ing the solder in black, the inside of the foil will blend in with the patina when the window is completed.

Below is a photo of the application of the self-adhesive copper foil onto the center of the edge of the glass. (Click on photo to enlarge).

After each piece is foiled, it is smoothed onto the glass with a "fid" or plastic wand, as shown.  The razor knife is used to trim any excess foil at the overlap points.
And here is the window, foiled and ready to be fluxed and soldered. Notice that it is still in the "jig" to maintain its proportions and to be sure the glass doesn't shift.  It will stay there until it is tack soldered.
I'll be back to show the finished window and its installation soon after Christmas Day.  Happy Holidays to all!

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