Monday, March 11, 2013

Geometric Lamp Repair

This apparently easy-to-repair lamp threw me a curve when the simple soldering it appeared to require did not work.  See the novel way we took care of this repair:  (Click on any photo to enlarge):

The canopy on this lamp had become detached from the stained glass on this corner, as shown.  The piece of manila folder fit in between the pieces.
Seen from inside the lamp dome.
My first instinct was just to solder the crack but the solder would not melt at temperature, which was unusual.  It seems that the crown was absorbing all of the heat.  Therefore, the solder was not effective in bonding the crown to the lamp itself.

To make for a nice appearance inside the dome, though, I took the time to patina the solder using Black Novacan Patina as shown.

As soon as I discovered that the solder was not an effective bond, we tried using black silicone glue.  Again, it was not strong enough to adhere the crown to the shade.

After more thought, and a call to the customer with an update, I purchased some 16 gauge flat black wire and laced it between the holes in the crown.  I then carefully bent it over the edge of the interior.  As it turns out, there is another piece (not shown) which fits over the crown, so that the wires will not show.

I thoroughly cleaned the interior of flux, using powdered cleanser and an old dish brush.
And here's the result.  As mentioned, there is another piece which fits over the crown, so the wires will not be seen.  It was a novel repair, but it seems like we learn something new with every one we do!

Thank you, Sue and Paul, for finding me and allowing me to give you many more years of enjoyment with your beautiful lamp!

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