Monday, April 1, 2013

Octagonal Clear Powder Room Window - Installed

The new octagonal window replaced a lovely pineapple design octagon which had been in the window for many years.  The homeowner wanted to hang it elsewhere, so we added the same thin channel to the outer border and soldered on hanging hooks, as shown below.

Here are the two octagons, old and new ..
And below, Eric cut eight pieces of channel and is installing them around the edges. Then he's adding the "jig" to assure that the piece does not shift during soldering.
 Below, I'm applying solder to one of the eight angled corners.  Since this is the back-side of the piece, I'm attaching a bead of solder where the lead lines meet the frame, for added strength.
 Next come the hanging hooks.  The brass colored one below is the "before" shot.  The other two hooks have been "tinned". Each hook receives an application of flux to which a bead of solder is melted over each hook.  For this process, I use beads and pieces of clean solder that I collect in film containers. 
 I add a few beads of solder to the frame and carefully position the hook where I want it.  When I apply the heated soldering iron to the hook, the bead of solder beneath it will quickly melt.  I use the pliers to hold the hook in place as the solder sets.  Then I add another drop of solder to the bottom and top edge of the hook, to give it that much more security.  Next, the frame and hooks are patina-ed, washed, and waxed.
Here is the framed pineapple octagon.  Notice the two hooks on the top edge.  Eric added a length of black chain to the hooks for our customers to hang on a wall or in a window. 
Here is the completed clear octagonal window in its new home.
The powder room is located next to the front doors. Here's the new view from just inside the hallway showing the beautiful front door panels and the matching octagon.  Thank you again, Linda and Ed ... Eric and I enjoyed creating this for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come!


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