Monday, July 22, 2013

Oval window with Bevels and Gems - Installation

This weekend, Eric installed the beautiful oval bathroom window.  Take a look!  (Click on any photo to enlarge, then click the "X" in upper right to return to post).

You'll recall that I built this window directly on top of the template that Eric made on our site visit.  The window fit perfectly.  Here Eric is inserting small metal prongs to hold the window in place.  He had already applied black patina to them so they are barely visible in front of the lead came frame.

 And in goes another metal clip to secure it further.

And here is the finished window.  The amber and purple glass really pops!  The sandblasted bevels were a great decision and they make this one-of-a-kind window that much more unique. (Thank you again to Peter of Armour Air in Fairview, NJ for the wonderful sandblasting job).

And here's another photo of the finished window, another labor of love.  I always feel a little tinge when we walk away from our work.  But I love what I do.  I greatly appreciate my husband's assistance in making it happen.
I wish I had recorded my customer Michelle's reaction!  She was beyond thrilled.  Her favorite expression throughout our collaboration on the window was, "Do your magic!".  Thank you Michelle for the opportunity .. You were a joy to work with!

Next up .. Repairing a mirrored wall hanging, then repairing a lamp, then another custom window commission.  But call any time, I'm always happy to discuss your project.  Thanks!

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