Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mirrored Wall Hanging Repair

I'm a bit behind on my blog posts.  Three weeks ago, I repaired this 30-year-old fine art mirrored wall hanging for a lovely couple who used it for treats for the grandchildren.  Here are a few photos of the process:  (Click on any photo to enlarge .. Click on the "X" in upper right to return to post).

Here's a side view of this lovely piece.  If you look carefully (or click to enlarge photo), you'll see that the bowl has broken away from the glass mirror.

Here's another view of the separation which occurred.

And below is the view from the back.
 Below, I've replaced the copper foil around the outer edge and taped the bowl to the mirror to temporarily close the gap to prepare for soldering.
 Below, I've removed the old foil and applied new foil to the back edge of the piece.  Here I'm pressing the foil onto the glass using a flexible plastic wand or "fid".
 I used several, side-by-side layers of 7/32" copper foil on the back, just as the original artist did when the piece was created.  Here I'm applying liquid flux to prepare for soldering.
 Below, the copper foil has been soldered.  I removed a thick patch of foil from the spot where the supporting back wire attaches to the bottom edge.  I re-soldered it to the body so that the mirror will lay flat against the wall, as intended.

Since the solder is silver, I applied Clarity Stained Glass Finishing Compound to the newly soldered areas, as well as to all the areas of stained glass.  It protects the solder from oxidizing and gives the glass a nice shine.

And here is the repaired piece.  Thank you Faye and Harvey for bringing your lovely piece to me for repair!

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