Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rug Design in Stained Glass - Installed

Over the weekend, Eric installed the window in a lovely sitting room.  The true colors of the stained glass really show only when its installed.  Our customer had already chosen the glass before I started working on it and she was very happy with the results!  (Click on any photo to enlarge).

On the left is another computer rendition of the window with similar glass as was used in the finished piece.  The design is spot on, but the colors are a bit off.  We already had the palette chosen, so the computer rendition served as a good guide as I was cutting the glass.

And here's the window after installation.  The colors are more subdued and warmer in these photos.  But in early morning and early evening, the saturation will change.  The colors will also vary as the season change and the outdoor greens fade and snow begins falling.  I usually tell customers that you need to enjoy your custom stained glass window for a full year before you see all the variances.  

My next projects include another commissioned window, three lamp repairs, and the addition of a metal frame to an existing stained glass panel.  Stay tuned as I post these projects over the next several weeks.  Thank you!

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