Thursday, February 9, 2017

Business Logo in Stained Glass

Its rare that I set aside my customers' projects in favor of my own.  But in this case, I made an exception.  After having bi-lateral knee replacements early in 2016, I spent a LOT of time getting physical rehabilitation.  When I was finally done, I wanted to express my appreciation to the owners, the physical therapists, and the staff by making them something special.  I decided to re-create their business logo which appears here:

First, I made a pattern of the "rock".  Our town of Glen Rock, NJ is named for a huge boulder which sits at the end of the main street in town.  It was left behind by a glacier.

I had a nice supply of opalescent (opaque) glass in various shades of gray, so I traced the pattern pieces accordingly.

Using the glass cutter to score the glass.

Using "running pliers" to snap the glass after I've scored it.

There were a couple of difficult angles in the pattern, so I relied on my wet ring saw to cut them.
 After each piece of glass is cut I run it through the grinder.

Here's the glass "jigsaw puzzle" of the rock.

Here I've already applied copper foil to the edges of each piece of glass.  Then I stuck pins around the perimeter of the rock to assure that it would not move as I worked on it.  Then I applied liquid "flux" to the copper foil and soldered the glass together.  For the straight bottom edge, I clipped on a length of zinc "channel" which is metal made to fit the outer edge of the glass.  As I always do with my custom pieces, I engraved my name and the month and year with an electric Dremel tool.

Now I'm applying black "patina" to the solder, to turn it black.

Creating lettering in stained glass is a fun project, but there were simply too many letters to do so for this project.  So I settled for having an 11" card stock print made of the lettering beneath the rock.  Then I had it laminated at an office supply store (Staples).  I used Pebeo glass paint to paint on the crack in the rock on the right side, to add more realism to the logo.

I used a hole punch into the laminated card and attached it to the rock using black circular jump rings,

I made a chain a bit long .. but it is fully adjustable.
The owner and my physical therapist, Paul, was thrilled to see this and thanked me profusely.  I hope they've hung it where the whole team can see it and enjoy it.
Sincere thanks again to Paul, Kyle, Jeannie, Lauren, Nealy, Anthony and Olena for your kind attention and expertise.  And for all the laughs!

If you live in Bergen County, NJ and need physical therapy, I highly recommend Glen Rock PT and Sports Rehabilitation!  Click here to visit their site and to get in touch.

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