Friday, February 10, 2017

Small Blue Lamp Repair

This cracked little lamp had been waiting in an attic for a long time.  Its owner finally brought it to me for repair.

Here it is, with two broken pieces.

The first step in any lamp repair is matching the glass.  Here I have the pale blue/white opal glass and the blue cathedral needed to do the repair.

Starting with the blue piece, I cross-hatched it with the glass cutter.  Then I used the metal end of the cutter to smash out the cracked pieces.

After all the glass was removed, I tugged off the old solder and copper foil from the borders, using needle nose pliers.

Using a piece of Manila folder, I'm preparing a template from which to cut a replacement piece of glass.

Here's the pattern on the new blue cathedral glass.

Here I'm using the oil-filled pistol grip glass cutter at a 90 degree angle to score the glass.

Grinding the edges of the glass, for safe handling and for better adhesion of the copper foil.

Now both pieces have been re-cut and foiled.  Its ready for soldering.

And voila!  Here is the finished lamp.  Since the solder will remain silver, I did not apply patina.  I just waxed the entire lamp after cleaning it thoroughly.

And here's a view in different lighting..
Here is a nice note from my customer!
"Thanks again Kathy, the lamp looks beautiful and I’m glad I can use it again.  I can’t even tell where you fixed it!"
You're very welcome, Cindy .. It was my pleasure!

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