Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fun little Sun Catcher

Not all projects take a lot of time .. I whipped up this little sun catcher of the letter "S" as a special gift for a recent client.  I found the design online on a website by "Ada Eye".

The beginning of the process, the pattern-making.  Here I'm tracing the pattern onto a Manila folder.

 Now all the pieces are cut.  To the right is my palette of colors.

 Grinding the edges of the glass.

Now the cut pieces are placed back onto the pattern.  The metal "fence" which is push-pinned to my work surface, keeps all the glass confined.

Next comes the foiling.  Each piece gets the edges wrapped, and then burnished with a "fid".

Then I "tack solder" the pieces together with small bits of solder as shown.  Once the pieces are locked together, I removed the "fence" and slid out the pattern from underneath.

Here it is before I applied the black patina to the solder. 

And here's the finished sun catcher .. I applied black patina, cleaned and waxed it, and then added hanging hooks and a chain.  Fun!
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