Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bell Shaped Stained Glass Lamp Repair

My 101st repair ..
This large, heavy lamp will need some more work but I gave it a good start by repairing a few cracked pieces on the side.  It will be going onto colleagues who do welding and metal work, for the finishing touches to the crown.

This lamp was one of many owned by my customer's grandfather.  He has several siblings who each inherited several lamps.

Here's a close-up of the cracked panels in one side.

Here I'm tracing templates for the replacement pieces, after I've removed the glass as well as the old solder and foil around the borders.

For a good lamp repair, the color as well as the translucency of the glass must match.  With a small piece of the lamp I'm verifying that the glass I'll use for the repairs is a match.

Tracing the pattern pieces onto the glass.

Cutting the glass.

Using blue "running pliers" to snap the glass.

These "groziers" are used to nip off small pieces of glass.

Grinding the glass.

Applying copper foil.

Burnishing the foil with a "fid" or flexible plastic wand.

I've added copper foil to the sides of the areas where the replacement glass will be placed.

Now two new pieces have been soldered in place.

Removing the next few cracked pieces.  I tug off the old copper foil and solder with needle nosed pliers.  I also melt it off using the hot soldering iron.

This hand file is useful for grinding the edges of the glass.  This helps the copper foil to adhere.
Just one more piece to replace ..

After the final cracked piece is replaced, I clean off the area and apply "black patina" as shown.

After the patina is allowed to set, I wash off the remainder.  Then I apply "stained glass finishing compound" to this area, then to the entire lamp.  This protects the patina and gives the glass a nice shine.

And here is the finished lamp, repaired and almost ready to be enjoyed by another generation.  It will go on from here to get a work-over on the crown.

Thank you Scott, for entrusting me with your family heirloom, and for your compliments about my work.  I'm very flattered and happy to have met your father, Clark.  It was a pleasure repairing this heirloom lamp for you and your family!
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