Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lavender and Turquoise Stained Glass Lamp Repair

My 102nd repair ..
With this repair, I got someone's husband out of the dog house.  He accidentally dropped the lamp, much to his wife's chagrin.  Although the glass is not a perfect match, it was the best I could do after a rather extensive search.  I'm a stickler for perfectly matched glass but his wife approved the slightly darker, lightly textured piece. So it worked out well .. The repaired side will be facing a wall.

Here's the process ..
The lamp came to be this way, with the cracked piece taped up.

I began by pulling out the cracked glass.

Then I pulled off the old solder and foil.

Many lamps are constructed without the edges of the glass being ground.  Grinding helps the copper foil to adhere, so here I'm grinding the edges of the glass with a hand file.

Now the cracked glass is removed, the border ground, and the copper foil applied.

I'm using a neighboring intact piece of glass to trace a template for the replacement piece of glass.

Checking to make sure the template will yield a good fit.

Now I've traced the template onto the glass and I'm cutting it with an oil-filled pistol grip glass cutter.

Grinding the edges with an electric grinder.

Burnishing the copper foil onto the glass.

The replacement piece is being soldered in place.

View from inside the lamp dome.

Applying patina to the solder, to turn it black.

And here's the finished lamp. Thank you Matt .. Glad to help out!
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