Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tuscany Villa window home stretch

Three panels foiled, one more to go!  Here’s another view of the top half of the Tuscan Villa window.  (The full scene will be unveiled when its complete). So far, I’ve gone through 105 feet (or 35 yards) of a combination of copper and black-backed 7/32" foil.  Several pieces of glass, as usual, needed to be ground down a bit in order to fit.  That thin wrap of foil around the edge of each piece of glass can be enough to fill up the space between the pieces and make them fit too tightly.

I’ve inserted strips of colored card stock in between the four panels so that when I begun fluxing and soldering the panels, they won’t accidentally get bonded together.  I've decided to build the entire window inside the confines of the jig, to ensure that the piece stays perfectly oblong until I'm ready to separate it into the 4 panels.  I hope to begin those final steps toward completing the window within the next few days.  Onward!

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