Monday, April 5, 2010

Tuscany Villa window .. Still cutting glass

Still cutting!  I’ve made my way around the window, top to bottom.  I'm now working in the lower left corner, cutting the leaves for the two large sunflowers I added to the pattern.  They were drawn by Joe Larson of Home Studio Art Glass in Munfordville, KY who gave me the OK to use them for this piece. I’m finding some good greens in my glass inventory for the leaves. I still have a few more to cut, though.  The 50-or-so yellow sunflower petals will be cut next.  Then its time to take out the big gun, my Gryphon Wire Saw, the loudest thing this side of the Appalachians. I intentionally left a few complicated pieces uncut because they cannot be safely or easily cut by hand.  The wire saw will take care of them, but this thing is loud!  When I don my earplugs, I’ll know the cutting is almost done and it’ll be time to start foiling.  Stay tuned …

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  1. Hey Kathy, it looks good so far. Can't wait to see it finished