Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yet another update ... Tuscany Villa

Another several days gone by, and more progress to report.  We decided the blue sky was overly blue, so I replaced it with Spectrum “Monterrey” Spirit glass in crystal clear/ivory. This glass looks like puffy little clouds on a clear background, nice for sky alongside the clear glue chip glass.  Just a few more pieces to cut near the sunflowers (not shown) and the window will be ready for foiling.  Since there are over 270 pieces of glass in this 19" x 32", 4-panel window, this will take some time.

Here’s a sneak preview … During this phase, the stained glass windows look like ugly ducklings.  The idea is there, but they don’t come alive until they’re soldered.  The villas will have hand-painted windows.  More to come …

Click here for Boehm Stained Glass Studio website

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