Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blue Jay and Nuthatch stained glass panels installed

I prepared these 6" x 11" bird panels for installation the same way as the Cardinal completed last week. I soldered on 4 small brass clips, 2 on each side of each panel, as shown below.  These clips slid underneath the mullions on the back door.

Since this project was a "fill in" job started in April, the solder had oxidized a bit, so I needed to go over it with steel wool #0 in order to prep it for the black patina.  That done, I waxed and polished each panel.

Eric unscrewed the lower portions of the mullion and then we lifted it up and positioned the birds underneath, catching the brass clips as we went. They are securely locked in now.  To see the entire process which I repeated for each of the three birds, click here.  (Click on any photo to enlarge).
These birds add new life to the back door!  I'll be happy to make a custom door panel for you in any theme or color.  Call 201-600-1616.

Today I started the design process for a new commission, a 29" octagonal window.  Stay tuned ...

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