Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Octagonal window pattern

My newest project is the design and construction of a 29" interior octagonal window which will separate my customer's kitchen from her living room.
I presented several octagonal designs for her consideration ... Here is the winning choice.
My customer requested mostly clear glass with blue accents to match her kitchen.  Here is a software rendition of what the finished window will look like.  The blue glass will be rough rolled and the clears will be rough rolled, glue chip, hammered, and crystal ice, to provide an appealing combination of textures.
The challenge with this design is that the opening in the wall is not symmetrical.  The lengths of the sides vary from 11" up to 12-1/2".  This necessitated special care in measuring and construction.

To assure the best fit, we made an exact-size cardboard template of the opening.  I then prepared the pattern based on the template, allowing 1/2" all around for the sturdy metal channel framing which will reinforce the piece prior to installation.

The window itself will have internal reinforcement with the addition of invisible braided copper wire between many of the glass pieces. The window will be framed with painted, custom cut wood which will fill the opening.
Shown above are the three stages completed so far.  The bottom layer is the cardboard template, followed by the white paper pattern which was created primarily with software with some measurement adjustments, followed by the creation of the working pattern which was traced onto manila folder paper using carbon paper.

The manila paper pattern will be cut apart with pattern shears.  Then the pieces will be organized into envelopes by color and type of glass, and used as templates to trace and cut the glass.
The glass has been ordered and is due to arrive later this week.  With vacation coming up next week, work will resume upon our return.  This is sure to become another beautiful custom creation .. Stay tuned for updates!

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