Monday, July 11, 2011

Octagonal window pattern cut and glass cutting started

Back from vacation, back to work.  Using pattern-cutting shears which allow a small amount of space between the pieces, I cut out the manila folder paper pattern that was seen in the previous post.  I then organized the pieces into envelopes by glass texture and color, clear or blue in this case.
The next step is the addition of the metal jig, seen above. (Click to enlarge photo).  Each section of the jig is securely pinned into the homasote board.  The jig serves to hold the glass pieces inside the outer border until the glass pieces are foiled and tack soldered.  I use jigs in different lengths to accommodate various shapes and sizes of windows. This window is approximately 28" across.

I've already cut the outer row of clear glass, as seen above.  Its a clear rough rolled glass with a nice texture.  I'll be working my way toward the center of the octagon, cutting the glass in order, segment by segment, by type of glass. The next row will be medium blue rough rolled glass, followed by clear glue chip, then hammered clear for the larger petals, then more blue rough rolled, and a clear crystal ice center. 

The window will come to life as each area of glass is cut, grinded, and placed onto the pattern.  Stay tuned ...

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