Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Octagonal window completed

Just about four weeks after we started, the 27" wide octagonal stained glass window is completed.  After the most recent post, I soldered the back of the window.  Here it is, back in the jig, with the metal channel frame that my husband custom cut for each of the 8 sides, which are slightly different lengths. (Click to enlarge any photo).
After the channel framing was cut, I soldered each joint and linked it to the lead line, as shown below.
This adds a great deal more strength and stability to the window, which now weighs 7-3/4 lbs.  After soldering all the joints on one side, I carefully turned it over, soldered the back, and removed the jig.

Then, wearing rubber gloves, I scrubbed each side of the window, one section at a time, with powdered cleanser and an old dish brush.  This removed all the caustic flux, the soldering residue, and the markings used in construction. 
Here is the window just after being washed.  It is now being left overnight, laying flat on a towel, to dry completely before waxing. (Click to enlarge).
 Here's another view of the completed window.
Now you can see the different textures of the clear glass, and the brilliant blue waterglass which will complement the colors in my customer's kitchen.  (I'll post more photos of the completed window tomorrow).

Next, I'll paint the quarter-round wood molding that my husband will use to mount the window in the wall opening.  Check back to see the window in its new home. We'll be doing the installation this weekend.  

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