Monday, July 18, 2011

Octagonal window foiled

Moving along .. The approximately 27" wide octagonal window has now been foiled using 50' of 7/32" silver-backed adhesive copper foil.  After taking great care with the custom pattern and the cutting, each piece of glass fits nearly perfectly in place. To prevent the pieces from fitting too snugly and possibly cracking during soldering, I removed some of them and ground them down a bit.  (Click to enlarge photo).
Since this window is primarily clear, my customer and I decided to leave the lead lines the natural silver color of the solder.  Also because of the transparency of most of the glass, I used silver-backed foil as shown below.  (If you look "inside the glass", you'll see a thin band of silver).
The silver-backed foil will become practically invisible once the copper foil is coated with flux and soldered.  That's the next step .. stay tuned.

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