Thursday, March 4, 2010

Repair to Stained Glass Dragon

This little brass and stained glass dragon from the 1970's came to me in pieces yesterday ... One wing had fallen off and the other was split into three pieces. Just by chance, I had glass in my inventory which nearly exactly matched the existing wings.  So I set down to work ... 

 I melted the existing solder and, using needle nose pliers, carefully pulled out the old copper foil embedded in it. Using the parts of the broken wing as a pattern, I cut and grinded a new wing, foiled and tinned it.  

Since this job required a third hand, I used my weighted, relocatable clip implement to hold the new wing in place against the body while I soldered. I re-foiled the fallen wing and re-soldered it onto the brass body of the dragon at an angle similar to the opposing wing. So, in about an hour, this little dragon was flying again.

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