Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still Life in Stained Glass

There is another stained glass window on the horizon, but I’ll post a few past projects until its ready. This is a 46-piece window from a pattern called “Still Life” by Ellis Roddick which I completed in April ‘09.

I modified the round pattern by adding the four clear glue chip glass corners to make it a 13-1/2” x 19” rectangle. I also soldered on 16 flat glass marbles instead of cutting half-circle pieces of glass as the pattern suggested.  (Due to the possibility of the glass cracking from the heat of the iron, the marbles were soldered separately, then tacked on to the completed piece as a unit.)

For a faux wine label, we added a digitally altered photo of our home with the words “Chateau Boehm, Vintage 2008, Midland Park, New Jersey.” I framed the piece with thin channel, and then my husband made an external wood frame for it.  Then he added a half-inch internal wood frame between the stained glass and the existing window, as a moisture lock.

By using true-to-life glass colors for the elements in the piece, and by mixing up different textures of glass, we have a bright window that we never tire of admiring.

Click here for Boehm Stained Glass Studio website

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