Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rescue Window for a Rescue Cat

This 9” x 12” piece was started by a client in memory of her rescue cat. She missed a couple of her stained glass classes and was feeling overwhelmed. She still wanted to see it finished, so she called me this week for help. My pleasure! She had already cut about half the pieces, but all were a bit larger than the pattern. Each one had to be trimmed with breaker-grozier pliers prior to grinding. Grozing makes such a satisfying crunching noise, its almost addictive if you can get past the mild panic that sometimes arises for fear of the piece breaking. But none of those pieces broke, and even the curvy tail came through unscathed. The wispy white and wispy turquoise for the diagonals are a nice complement to the curvy opaque black and white glass. This “rescue window” is an amazing likeness, and a fitting tribute, to my client's beloved rescue cat.

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