Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tuscany Villa window commission

This Tuscany villa scene is the basis for my next project for a client who has wanted a custom stained glass window since her now-28-year-old son was an infant.  Her original idea was a four seasons theme but we couldn’t quite find “the” design that would work well with her 4-panel horizontal window.  Knowing her taste, I went back and did more research for her.  As soon as I found this Tuscany scene from  Paned Expressions  it got an immediate thumbs-up from both her and her husband.  Yes!  Based on our collaboration, I’ve already modified it to include two beautiful large sunflowers in the left foreground as well as the addition of vineyards to the landscape. This week I’ll be focusing on inventorying my glass, ordering what I need, and then starting the pattern-making process.  With this lovely Italian countryside palette and the ideas that my client and I developed together, this window should be stunning.  Can’t wait to start cutting the glass for it!  Stay tuned for updates.

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