Monday, November 22, 2010

Dolphin and Manatee window glass is cut

All of the glass for both windows have now been cut, ground and fitted, and are ready for the next step, applying copper foil.  (The gray above the water line is the pattern showing through.  It is actually clear glue chip glass).
Although I prefer to do all my glass cutting by hand, these windows are primarily opalescent (non-transparent/ translucent) glass which doesn’t have the “grain” of a cathedral (transparent) glass.  This characteristic makes getting good cuts “iffy” when cutting by hand. 

Rather than take chances with “bad breaks”, I fired up my Gryphon Omni 2 Wire Saw.  Its loud and its messy, but given a slow hand and a lot of concentration, it is very accurate.

Much of the glass used in these windows came from my reliable online suppliers in PA and FL.  But nothing beats a trip to the Glass Gallery in Nutley, NJ where surprises always await!  I found the beautiful light gray for the Manatee there, as well as the swirly textured dark blue and green for the lower portion of the water, and the pale green Spectrum Corsica glass used in the greenery.

I am a fan of Youghiogheny glass (don’t ask me how to pronounce it), and I was glad to incorporate some of their steel gray opal mottled glass into the Manatee’s body and the Dolphin’s tail.  It adds a very realistic dappled effect appropriate for these graceful sea creatures.  I gave each of them dark gray-blue eyes … Next time you see them, they will be foiled in copper and ready for soldering.

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