Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pattern Making for Two Windows at once

 I’ve decided to construct the Dolphin and Manatee windows simultaneously, so this requires even more organization than a single window.  Even though the borders are identical, each individual piece will differ slightly, so the pattern pieces must be cut and placed exactly where they are intended.

To this end, I’ve made the pattern for the Dolphin window with tan manila folder paper.  And I’ve made the Manatee pattern with green manila folder paper.  The pieces which correspond to each pattern have similar numbers, but they are followed by a “D” or an “M” to further distinguish them.  (Click on photo to enlarge, use back arrow to return).

The pattern pieces, (the tan “D”s and the green “M”s together) were placed into envelopes marked for the color and texture of glass I’ve assigned them.  I’m cutting the glass now, color by color, going back and forth between the patterns.  Following soon will be an update with photos of the windows with the borders cut and in place.  To assure that all the glass fits well, I build the windows from the outside in.

These two have a wonderful selection of glass … As always, I can’t wait for them to see the light of day!

Click here for Boehm Stained Glass Studio website.

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