Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Evolution of Custom Designs

The day after "Starry Night" was installed, I received a request to design and build two more windows, a Dolphin and a Manatee, each approximately 17" x 24", to be installed above a spa tub.  We spent about three weeks collaborating on the custom designs.  Here was our process:

I searched my sources for designs and presented several different ones to my clients.  I also presented two potential borders.  The "winning" two designs were both created by Canadian artist Chantal Pare.  Here they are ...

My clients want the Dolphin window to be on the left side and the Manatee on the right, so I ran the designs through PhotoShop and flipped them so that they face each other.

In order to make them symmetrical, I added a body and tail to the Dolphin and cut out the single Manatee from the original design.

These were the designs at that point:  
After seeing these, my client sent me a photograph of a stained glass window with a border she preferred. Eric drew it for me and we created the next version of the pattern.  I suggested adding some sea weed to the bottom of each design .. I re-sized and positioned the greenery I used in the "Starry Night" window.  I scanned each full size pattern, saved them as JPEG's, and then ran them through my stained glass software.

Here are the color versions of the final designs as approved by my clients:
Since these will be mounted above a spa tub, I selected and ordered glass which is not transparent.  The glass will arrive on Friday and I can begin cutting the pieces. Today I'm busy tracing the patterns onto manila folders to be numbered and cut.
Custom designs to suit you .. As long as the designs are structurally sound, the possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned .. These are going to be beauties!

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