Monday, November 15, 2010

First look: The borders

As they lay on the pattern, the true beauty of the pieces of glass can't yet be seen, but here are views of the Dolphin and Manatee windows, with the borders cut.  The outer border is composed of shades of deep purple, the inner borders are shades of emerald green, and the diamonds are a bright yellow.  

The purple glass is a mix of Spectrum grape rough rolled, which is a semi- cathedral glass with a texture which bounces light beautifully, along with a few pieces of deep purple water glass. The green glass is mostly Spectrum emerald green rough rolled, along with some rich Wissmach green that has a hefty hand-made look with some darker green and a touch of yellow in it. The yellow diamonds are from an older glass, similar to Spectrum rough rolled, but a bit more refined in texture and more brittle to cut. It really pops in the sunshine.

The mix of colors in the border will echo the exterior colors of my clients’ home.  They will be a beautiful match when viewed from outdoors at night! 

Next up will be more cutting and refining as the windows come together.  Stay tuned for updates as the Dolphin and Manatee take on their personalities and come to life!

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