Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shamrock stained glass framed and installed

After a time lapse for our customer's vacation and for me to photograph the Space Shuttle, Eric and I finally installed the repaired Shamrock stained glass panel last week, much to the relief of our customer.  She had so many issues with this one, we all exhaled on her behalf.

The next step after the most recent blog entry was to build and install the frame, and here it is.  Eric used these corner clamps to glue and nail the mitered corners of the wood.  (Click on any photo to enlarge).
He then painted the wood to match our customer's basement moldings.  Here's the finished panel, ready for installation.
Eric custom-made a box for the wall insert.  He used wood and a custom-cut piece of milky Plexiglass to diffuse the light.  Here's the box and below, he is sliding the box into the wall.  It fits perfectly.  Our customer had already arranged for the installation of a lighting fixture in the wall space.
 Here he is, affixing sturdy hanging hooks to the back of the panel ...
... And hanging the panel over the light box.
Here it is with the inside light turned off.  It looks beautiful even "off".  Installing a light box into the wall is a wonderful way to display stained glass. 

And here it is with the inside light turned on .. Its a true focal point for the room now.  We were thrilled to be able to "right the wrongs" and get this panel on the wall after a long two-year wait.  Our customer was very pleased with our work.  She commented that she wished she found us a long time ago! Here is the lovely comment she left for us ..

"We are the proud owners of the recently repaired Shamrock window in our basement. The window was originally made by a studio in Chester, NJ and the overall quality (and customer service) was poor and disrespectful. Thanks to Kathy and her husband, they were able to repair and reinforce the window and then add a frame and even install it for us. The work and effort they put forth was outstanding - they were great to work with. We absolutely love the window and are finally glad to have it in place. We highly recommend Kathy for any stained glass projects you are considering.  With much thanks and appreciation....Brian & Deb"

Thanks so much, Deborah, it was a pleasure working with you!

Our next project may be a custom designed panel for a front door.  I've already prepared the design and we are awaiting approval.  If its a go, I'll be back to document our progress.  In the meantime, please visit and "like" my FaceBook page, click here. and visit my website ..  Thanks!