Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mission Lamp Repair

By coincidence, this lamp had the same issue as the lamp in the previous posting.  The shade became detached from the crown.  It didn't dawn on me until I started this repair that both of these lamps share a common origin, China.  Click here for more information regarding Chinese stained glass.

Both lamps are gorgeous, but as mentioned in the article cited, we don't know exactly what products are used, so it makes it tough to do a good repair.  This Quoizel lamp is only 12 years old.  It should have lasted much longer.

Here I go .. This view is the inside of the dome.  Notice that there is an opening between the black metal crown and the stained glass.  Two or three of the corners had become detached, making the lamp unusable.

Since the main connections from the metal crown to the glass were the four corners, I concentrated my efforts there.  I held the soldering iron down on one corner until the existing solder melted.  Once I got it to the melting point, it was an easy task to add more solder to re-attach and strengthen each corner.
I attempted to lay down a nice bead of solder to seal off that opening (See below), but the solder simply would not meld onto the existing metal.  This was the same issue encountered with the previous lamp.  I applied black patina to the corners and the side.
When I tested the strength of the dome, it was good and solid.  This repair should give many more years of life to the lamp.
 Here it is, back in service.  Thank you Judy for bringing your lamp to me for repair!
Here is a lovely thank you note from Judy ..
Hi Kathy,

We would like to thank you very much for the wonderful repair job you did on our stained glass Quoizel lamp shade.  We have two matching lamps and were very disappointed to find that one shade separated from the metal part that holds the lamp shade together.  Since these lamps are twelve years old, our chances of finding a matching replacement shade were not good.

We were absolutely delighted when you said you could repair the lamp shade and extra pleased when you did the repair so quickly.   You did a great job for which we thank you very much.

Judy and Steve

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